A new event is being hatched in DCF history! Tell us you're coming on FB!

We are having an official class bonding & DCF bonding day on April 15th! And since this event is happening right before Easter Sunday, there will be a lot of egg-citing things to do! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity to show your class spirit & also get some eggcercise. ;) If you don't want to play, you can still spegg-tate!

Meet at the field across from the DCF house at 4:30pm, we will play some games class v. class (broomball style) so be prepared to cheer and participate!! There is also a special prize that the winning class will hold (besides pride) till the end of the year! Egg-xamples of games we might play are: egg toss, 3 egged races, steal the bunny, etc.

After our activities, at around 6, we will split off into classes to get dinner and bond with one another! Whoohoo!

I hope y'all are egg-cited for a really fun afternoon with one another! Invite some yolked friends to come play as well :)