Come to the DCF House on Friday night (April 27th) to learn more about the DCF Japan Trip! 

Sit cozy with a warm cup of tea, listen in on previous team members' stories and testimonies about the trip, learn more about what DCF does in Japan, and support and help send off this year's Japan Team. 

Hear stories from our Previous Team Members: 
Pauline Hwang, Edith Blandon, Michael Pereira, Preston Leung, Christina Huang, Serena Chew, Renatto Guerra-Lorenzetti, Stephanie Oracion, Liane Wang

Support this year's DCF Japan Team Members:
Beijo Lee, Francesca De Las Alas, Susanna Chang, Ryan Chu, David Gonzales, Elline Unisa, Preston Leung

Schedule of the Night:

8:00 pm: Welcome & Tea
8:10 pm: Testimonies & Stories Pt. 1 (2016 Team)
8:50 pm: Intermission
9:00 pm: Testimonies & Stories Pt. 2 (2017 Team)
9:40 pm - 10:00 pm: "Passing the Baton" & Prayer Send-Off